Micro Abrasion for Unsightly White Spots on Teeth


(A non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure)

The much-anticipated, long-awaited day for getting your child’s braces off can be tinged with disappointment when the orthodontic brackets are removed and those beautifully straight teeth are marred by unsightly white spots.  White spots around orthodontic brackets occur when dental plaque accumulates on the teeth near the brackets and leaches calcium out of the enamel.  The resulting tooth structure is chalky white and more likely to decay than healthy enamel. 

At The Klocko Center for Cosmetic, Restorative, and Family Dentistry, we can eliminate those white spots and re-calcify them to make them strong and decay resistant.  We use a simple procedure called Micro Abrasion to remove the white spots and a topical crème with calcium phosphate to strengthen the weakened enamel.  So, your child gets the benefit of a beautiful smile and stronger teeth!  It is painless and requires no local anesthesia.  Most cases can be treated in one or two visits depending upon the number of teeth involved. 

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