Gum Lifts & Gum Grafts


Gum Lifts

Occasionally, the unattractiveness of someone's smile is related to the position and the shape of the gums around the teeth, usually the upper front teeth.  There are several different manifestations of this esthetic defect:

  • The gums can be "too long" and cover the upper part of the teeth making the teeth appear short and square making the smile appear "gummy"
  • The gum line can be uneven, too long on one tooth and too short on another making them appear mismatched to the other teeth.

Often the treatment for this can be as simple as trimming away the excess gum tissue to reveal the full contour of the natural teeth.  

Gum Grafts

Some patients have gum tissue that has receded exposing the roots of the teeth making the teeth appear too long.  Gum recession can be caused by:

  • Unstable bite forces
  • Over aggressive tooth brushing with a hard tooth brush
  • Loss of bone around the tooth from periodontal disease.

Prior to treatment the cause of the recession must be determined and addressed.  Once that has been accomplished your treatment may include taking a section of gum tissue from another place in your mouth and placing it over the exposed root surface.  There are several different grafting procedures and the best one for you will be recommended to you by Dr. Klocko and a periodontal specialist.

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